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Great companies achieve their reputations through hard work, dedication to quality, and consistent attention to meeting and exceeding customer’s needs.  In the janitorial field, as in all others, it comes down to people and how invested they are in the process of providing consistent quality to their customers.  We have found through trial and error that when people are properly motivated both financially and through good management practices they can achieve exceptional results.  This thinking permeates our franchise system where people are more than part-time employees – they are career driven business owners.

In large part, having business owners who have made a significant investment to be part of our team has distinctly separated us from our competition.  We are proud to say that our turnover is significantly lower than the industry average for janitorial, leading to great consistency and far fewer security concerns for customers.  We have been able to instill a sense of pride back into a low wage industry that has often been plagued by poor service and no shows.  Finally, we are thrilled to have become the company that people turn to when they are tired of dealing with the same old “run of the mill” janitorial companies and wish to eliminate the headache of managing them and place their focus back on their core competencies.

To show our dedication to providing customers with exceptional service, Pro One Corporate dedicates a customer service representative to every account our franchisees service.  This person inspects each account generally once per month and provides feedback to both the customer and the franchisee who provides the service.  You have a single point of contact to communicate with via a variety of methods of your choosing so the results you desire can be provided at the next service date.  You have more important things to do than to worry about your cleaning service – it’s why you hired Pro One Janitorial in the first place!


  • "Are you kidding, it looks great. You guys did a wonderful job, in a couple months this place will look great and we’ll have your team to thank for it. So happy we switched, thank your team for us."

    Peter - Appleton Plant

  • "Yes, there have been many comments about how clean everything is. I do understand it will take some time to get back to what would be normal cleaning. Our last cleaning services were obviously not the most thorough. Thank you for the hard work everyone put in."

    Paul - District Operations Manager, WI District

  • "Thanks Juan….it has been great to work with you and Marie over the years. Today, everyone here has a heartfelt appreciation for the service Pro1 provides. On a daily basis, the positive impact on our patient care environment is plainly visible to all."

    Manager Clinic Operations

  • I just want to pass along some praise for Ramiro (& his wife) and his/their cleaning. I left him a note yesterday asking him to wash some carpeting under a desk, He cleaned it really well. Please let him/them know they did a fantastic job!

    Sue - Administration and HR


    OK, I’m kind of excited to come in this morning and actually notice that our building has been cleaned. Thanks to you and your team for a great start!"

    Have a great day!

    Christine - Director of Production and Facilities

  • "I just wanted to inform you of the great job Pedro and Yanet are doing. I asked them to start cleaning the inside of the refrigerators. We have it set up to clean one every week. I wanted Pedro to come in so we could discuss and that didn’t happen. However, he took it upon himself to make sure it happened on schedule. He switched the labels to announce which one would be cleaned this weekend and put a hand written note stating which day it would be cleaned. The fridge they cleaned this weekend looks great! Could you make sure he sees this?"

    Mark - Facilities Engineer

  • "Mark, Just a follow up on the new cleaning team. You were absolutely right, they have come in to our plant and done an Outstanding Job! They always leave the place sparkling clean and smelling very fresh.!!"

    Rick - Plant Foreman

  • I just wanted to pass on how good the break room floor looks.  It’s nice not seeing the dark dingy wax build up.  Make sure you give Pedro an at-a-boy for the way it looks (and for coming in Christmas morning). Hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Mark - Facilities Manager

  • "Hi, my name is Patti and I am one of the nurses that work down in Fort Atkinson. I just wanted to let you know that Pedro made my day yesterday. I was off work on Thursday and when I returned down there yesterday I found my diamond earring taped to the fridge in a baggie from Pedro.

    You can't imagine how excited I was to see it! It wasn't worth a lot monetarily, but sentimentally it was priceless! I couldn't imagine how I lost it since it should have ripped my ear off when I lost it.

    I just wanted to let you know that Pedro did a nice, honorable thing and most people do not take the time to tell about the good things that people do. I would just like to make a formal "Thank you."

    I will be leaving Pedro a thank you note in person as well.

    Thanks again,"

    Patti - Nurse
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