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Pro One Janitorial, Inc 1101 Ashwaubenon Street Green Bay, WI 54304

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There are many Pro One franchise opportunities still available in Wisconsin.

The Pro One Janitorial®
Franchise System

Come join the Pro One Janitorial team of commercial janitorial service providers. For an Initial Franchise Fee, we will train you, provide you with the basic supplies and equipment you need to begin servicing an account, and establish a number of accounts for you to begin servicing.

When we started out in business, our goal was to take the best features of successful companies in our industry and incorporate them into our strategy, and give customers the one-on-one attention and individualized service that only comes from business owners. This concept has proven very successful. Start your future today!

Pro One Janitorial, Inc. offers one of the most exciting opportunities available for you to start your own business. The commercial cleaning industry offers unlimited growth potential, since the demand is continually outpacing the supply of quality services available. Our franchise concept enables you to take the first step toward establishing yourself as an independent business owner.

We are dedicated to your success as a business owner. Once your training and the initial startup process of your business is complete, our support is really only beginning. Our experience tells us that the best way to support you is by taking on many of the headaches and burdens you face as a business owner on a daily basis:


Pro One Janitorial, Inc. will:

  • Handle your accounts receivable billing
  • Function as your communications center
  • Operate as a liaison between you and the customers
  • Provide ongoing training to keep you current on new developments in our industry
  • Provide ongoing technical support for problems or concerns that may arise.

Starting your own business from scratch can quickly become overwhelming. Many people try and fail in a short period of time. We have spent a significant amount of time researching the reasons so many businesses fail. The answer is: the small business owner is faced with too many unfamiliar responsibilities. Not only must you be the operator, but you must also handle the financial and tax aspects, sales and marketing, and public relations. No wonder so many of us with experience in the field and high ambitions fail! Through the Pro One Janitorial® Franchise System, we have taken steps to relieve many of the burdens placed upon you as a business owner.

To learn more about Pro One Janitorial® Franchise System opportunities, please register with our web site to download and read the Franchise Disclosure Document.

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DISCLAIMER: Pro One Janitorial franchises are not currently being offered for locations in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia or Washington, or to residents of these states.

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