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Pro One Janitorial, Inc 1101 Ashwaubenon Street Green Bay, WI 54304

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Pro One Offers Cost Effective and Dependable Commercial Cleaning Services

Pro One Janitorial's franchisees provide quality cleaning services to customers large and small in various industries. Our franchisees are professionally-trained independent business owners who take their responsibilities seriously. Small, medium and large businesses that outsource their cleaning needs to Pro One are able to save time and money, and better concentrate on their core business functions. Our franchisees provide cost effective, efficient and dependable cleaning services, while removing the worries of oversight and liability.

Pro One franchisees are capable of maintaining any size building, from basic housekeeping tasks to sophisticated hard floor care and carpet care. Our most unique quality is our franchise system which is comprised of highly trained independent businesses owners who have a vested interest in customer service. Pro One's franchisees receive comprehensive training and continuous updates on the latest commercial cleaning techniques, as well as proper equipment and product usage. We maintain constant communication with our customers in order to foster and maintain customer satisfaction.

Pro One treats every one of its franchisees as if each were a customer. We provide training and marketing assistance, and guarantee to each a minimum amount of monthly business. Ongoing consultative services available to our franchisees ensure the continued satisfaction of Pro One customers.

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  • Corporate Office: 1101 Ashwaubenon Street, Green Bay, WI 54304
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  • Fax: 920.339.1069
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